Cancun Cab FAQ.

Cancun Cab Meet and greet service at Cancun Airport.

Are you licensed to operate this service at the airport?

A= Yes, we do have a license to operate in all airport terminals in Mexico and have federal plates to transport passengers on all Mexican roads. We are an official transportation company SCT (Secretary of Communication and Transportation) Valid permit Number: 24012010230946775

Is it safe to travel with you?

A= Absolutely, before we hire any member of our staff, they need to pass several tests. We request a federal driver license, which is not easy to get, and a no criminal records certificate issued by the police. We continue to invest in our people through on-going customer service training and sophisticated safety programs. Our mechanics make sure that all of the vehicles are operating properly, checking the a/c system regularly as well as performing regularly scheduled maintenance.

What are the hours of operation of Cancun-Cab?

A= Cancun-Cab operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Are your rates the same as the regular fees at the airport ticket center?

A= No, our rates are lower, because we work on pre-booked reservations only. With us you will save at least 50%. It is simple, we are not a third party. Our rates are direct without intermediaries.

The prices shown in your website are per person or per vehicle?

A=Prices are per vehicle, NOT per person.

What kind of service am I hiring?

A= All our services are private, so you never share your ride with strangers, are door to door with no stops on the way, and we will take you all the way to the main lobby of your hotel, not just leaving you on the road.

How can I find my transportation?

A= In all the terminals there is a "Meet & Greet" area. Our airport representative will be there punctually waiting for you and holding a sign with your name on it. See step by step

Do I need to print my confirmation mail?

A= Although you don´t need this document to check in, we recommend that you print it out for your reference.

How does the "Meet & Greet Service work?

A= Our Meet & Greet person at the airport will be waiting for you right outside the terminal where your plane will be landing, he/she will be holding a sign with your full name on it and will be clearly identified by our uniform: Blue Pants/Skirt, khaki t-shirt with 2 company logos on our t-shirt on the right side: Cancun-Cab´s logo and on the left side Blue Oval Transportation´s logo.

How do I make contact with the Meet & Greet person at airport if I don´t find them?

A= On your confirmation mail, we will provide you all our contact numbers, you can call us and we can contact our airport representative. A reason that he/she may not be there is because they might be taking care of another family in their vehicle. But they will be with you in just a minute.

Who do I pay, how and when?

A= Our website accept online payments with debit or credit cards, if your plane arrives before 9 PM you can also pay with cash on arrival with our Meet & Greet person at the airport in case that you book as a round trip service you must to pay all up front and you will receive your voucher for your return with all your flight details on it even with your pick up time.

How long do I have to wait at the airport for my vehicle?

A= There is no waiting time with us. As soon as you contact our airport representative you will be taken to your vehicle right away.

How long is the trip to my hotel?

A= The length of your trip will depend on the location of your hotel. For example:

Cancun´s hotels: between 15 minutes to 30 minutes approximately

Puerto Juarez´s hotels: 30 minutes approximately

Playa Mujeres´s hotels: 30 minutes approximately

Puerto Morelos´s hotels: between 20 minutes to 30 minutes approximately

Playa del Carmen´s hotels: between 40 minutes to 1 hours approximately

Puerto Aventuras´s hotels: 1 hour with 15 minutes approximately

Akumal´s hotels: 1 hours with 20 minutes approximately

Tulum´s hotels: between 1 hour with 30 minutes to 2 hours approximately

Can I request drinks for my transportation service?

A= Yes, but you need to prearrange this with our e-commerce service department, (an extra fee applies) Beers 3 USD each or Soft Drinks 2 USD each or you can request it on our special request box on our reservation form .

Can I stop for grocery shopping at Costco, Sams or Wall Mart?

A= Yes, but you need to prearrange this with our e-commerce service department, (an extra fee applies).

My flight is arriving after midnight. How late do you operate?

A= We provide our customers with a service 24/7 (24 hours / 7 days per week) including Holidays.

Do you offer hotel-hotel transfer?

A= Yes, we do. Please prearrange this kind of service with our e-commerce service department. (In case you book as a round trip service and also need hotel-hotel transfer, you will have a special rate).

Can I pay my transportation with credit card?

A= Yes, you can pay with credit card in our online system through Paypal, because if you decide to pay your transfer upon arrival, our drivers only take cash or travelers checks. On arrival flights between 21:01 until 06:59hrs must pay in advance using Paypal.

Do I need to have a Paypal account to pay with my debit or credit card?

A= No, you don´t need to have a Paypal account to pay your service with us using debit or credit card.

Can I pay the service when I arrive in Cancun?

A= Yes, this is valid just for arrival flights landing at Cancun Airport between 7:00hrs until 21:00hrs; you can pay our "Meet & Greet" person at the airport in cash or travelers checks only. If you decide to pay your service upon arrival and want to book as a round trip service you must pay for a round trip at your arrival service. On arrival flights between 21:01 until 06:59hrs must pay in advance using Paypal.

Can I pay the service with a different currency than pesos or USD dollars?

A= Yes, you can pay at your arrival with our Meet & Greet person at the airport using Mexican Pesos, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros and GBP Pound Sterling. You just need to check the exchange rate in your currency, at arrival.

Do you have an hourly rate or rent your vehicles for private tours?

A= Yes, you can decide your own itinerary; we rent our vehicles for a minimum of 3 hours. In all cases we provide the driver. Ask for a Special Quotation

What if my flight is delayed?

A= Air travel schedules are never a problem with us, we are tracking flights for changes in any arrivals. There is never a waiting charge for late incoming flights, as we modify scheduling to meet your changing needs.

If I will travel to Cancun in 6 months, can I book my transportation now?

A= Yes, we can take your reservation. We take reservations up to 24 months in advance.

Do your drivers speak English?

A= Most of them speak good English. The managerial staff speaks English fluently.

Is the tip to the driver included in your rates?

A= Rates do not include driver gratuity. You can tip him if you think he deserves it depending on the service received.

Is the tip to the meet & greeter´s staff included on your rates?

A= Rates do not include meet & greet gratuity. You can tip him if you think he deserves it dependig on the service received.

Do you have child seats?

A= Yes, we do have child seats available upon request. The seats we have are suitable for children between 0-6 years old. Child car seats are available without charge, upon request and applies 1 per transfer, 1 per vehicle. In case in your transfer you request more than 1 car seat, an extra fee of 10 USD applies, and you can request it on the special request area in your reservation form.

Can I bring my own child seats?

A= You are encouraged to bring your personal car seat.

How do I know at what time you will pick me up for the return?

A= When you will be arriving at Cancun Airport, our airport staff will give you a written confirmation, with all your flight details on it, even with your pick up time.

Can I decide my own schedule for the return journey?

A= Yes, when you arrive at Cancun Airport our airport personnel will give you the confirmation form for your return, with a time suggested by us. You can change this suggested time at that moment or by email, chat o phone call, up to 24 hours before the time of your journey. Any changes to the schedule are the responsibility of the passenger.

Do I need to call you to confirm my return if I booked a round trip service?

A= No, once you have your confirmation, you are worry free. Just in case that you decide to change your departure flight for a different time or date, let us know by e-mail, chat or phone and give us your new info. This can be up to 1 day before your departure.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

A= Reservations cancelled more than 2 days prior to the arrival date are subject to a charge of 10% of the total amount of the reservation. Cancellations made within 48 hours prior to arrival date or no shows are 100% non-refundable.

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