How can I find my transportation?

1. Proceed through Mexican Immigration.transportation


2. Claim your luggage.


3. Clear Customs.


4. Do Not Stop at the Tours Information or Travel Advisory Booths into Cancun International Airport, as they may be TIME SHARE Vendors who will ask to see your travel documents and impersonate Cancun-Cab´s staff.


5. It is unsafe to accept a ride from drivers who approach you, even if they look official, they are breaking the law.


6. Upon exiting the main terminal building, there is a special "Meet & Greet" area in every terminal, that the airport authorities assigned to travel agencies and transportation companies; you will see some other travel representatives holding signs or shouting the names of the passengers. Contact our Cancun-Cab representative who will be punctually waiting for you and holding a sign with your name on it. We are clearly identified by our blue pants and khaki t-shirt with 2 company logos on it (Cancun-Cab & Blue Oval Transportation).


7. Simply present your on-line ticket confirmation or your Paypal Invoice to the Cancun-Cab representative and they will direct you to the appropriate vehicle.


8. The driver will load your luggage and take you directly to your final destination.


cancun cab uniformcancun cab greeter person at airport

Cancun Cab type of vehicle.






Cancun Cab staff is clearly identified by our blue pants and khaki t-shirt with 2 company logos on it (Cancun-Cab & Blue Oval Transportation.
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Cancun Cab accept payments with Visa, Master Card, American Express, Paypal and Discover.
Cancun Cab accept payments through CitiBanamex.
Cancun Cab accept payments with Oxxo, Extra and Seven Eleven.


How Can I find my transportation at Cancun International Airport with Cancun Cab.

Cancun Cab accept payments with Paypal.
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Cancun Cab is an official transportation company by SECTUR (Secretary of Tourism in Mexico). Cancun Cab is member of AMIPCI (Mexican Internet Association) AMIPCI.
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