There are many things to do at Cancun and the Riviera Maya with miles of sandy beaches to explore and enjoy. We seek out only the highest quality products and services so essential in fulfilling your needs.

Let Cancun-Cab share the astounding beauty and variety of Cancun and the Riviera Maya with you and your family, as one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life.

We have made a careful selection of historical, cultural and natural sites wich reflect the rich variety of the region.




Explore the ruins of the capital of the Mayan World. See the “Castillo” (the castle), the Ball Court, the Observatory, and the Sacrificial Well. Learn why the Mayan Culture was the most advanced of its time! See the great pyramid shown on the Discovery Channel. You will also see how they developed the very first calendar that we use today; the steps of the “Castillo” are four sides and added up make 365 steps to the top! That is just the beginning, and it is fascinating to find out how much they knew and developed.

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes, hat or cap, tennis shoes, camera, sun block, sun glasses, insect repellent and extra money. If you want to bring a video camera into the park, you will need to pay a fee to the Mexican Government at the entrance. (approx. 5 USD)



Live the adventure of spending the day at a private isolated location on Isla Mujeres. You will have a full day for activities or just sun tanning on the beach. This is a day for the whole family! On the boat over you will get juice and personal service. Once you arrive, the snack bar opens and lunch is served at approx. 12:30 PM and the open bar is available all day.

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat or cap, swimming suit, camera or water camera, sun block, sun glasses, and extra money. You will need to pay a fee of 9 USD per person for dock fee. If you are staying at Riviera Maya´s hotel you need to pay a fee for round trip transportation. If you are staying at Cancun´s Hotel you need to get to the pier on your own.



Our exclusive private "Cancun Shopping Tour" will take you to explore Cancun hotel zone & Cancun downtown area where you will see the sights of downtown, stop at some of the famous markets for shopping such as: Market 28, Coral Negro flea Market, La Isla Mall or Plaza Las Americas.

Your private chauffeur will be at your service during maxx 3 hours and will show you the best attractions.

When you have a private tour you pick the time, and can set the agenda according to your plan.

It can be adjusted during the tour.

This is the perfect option as a quick tour for big groups, families or for those who don't want to share their trip with other tourists.

Recommendations: Bring extra Money for Shopping, Tips, etc. Hat and Sunscreen Camera Good Walking Shoes



Its name Tulum in Mayan, means -wall- and it seems to have gotten its name once the city was found in ruins. Its original name was -Zama- which means -Dawn- or -Morning-. The city was considered a type of fort due its wall which surrounds the entire city. It was located at a strategic place for defense. Thanks to the records found at the city walls, we know today that Tulum was an important place for the cult to the -descending god-. Also the main building in Tulum -The Castle- served as a beacon to the Mayan sailors as it indicated the exact time in which they had to turn their boats in order to take the entrance canal (which divided the second largest coral reef of the world) allowing them to protect their merchandise.

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes and shoes, swimming suit, camera, sun block, sun glasses, insect repellent and extra money. If you want to bring a video camera into the Mayan Ruins, you will need to pay a fee to the Mexican Government at the entrance. (approx. 5 USD)



Spend the day in the world´s largest natural aquarium! Lagoons and inlets formed by the ocean meeting the natural springs. Scores of tropical fish to see by snorkeling or diving, or float down the lazy river. You can swim and see the fish too, the water is crystal clear. Xelha is where the natural springs meet the Caribbean Sea to form the world´s largest natural aquarium where you can snorkel or dive. This Eco park is filled with countless tropical fish. Xelha was once a holy city and commercial center for the Mayans. An ecological wonder not to be missed!

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, swimming suit, camera or water camera, bio-degradable sun block, sun glasses, insect repellent and extra money (you need to pay a deposit of 30 USD to get a towel, locker and snorkeling gear).



Xcaret is the famous eco-archaeological park, with the underground river. You can float, swim or snorkel down the river through the caves and experience the mystery of the underground river. The river is for all levels of swimmers, as a life jacket is required. This is a great family trip! There is a zoo, and horseback riding, and other optional activities. The optional activities are not included. The night show is a splash of color and an excellent display of Mexican and Mayan culture and dancing. Not to be missed!!

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes, hat or cap, tennis shoes, swimming suit, camera or water camera, bio degradable sun block, sun glasses, insect repellent and extra money (you need to pay a deposit of 30 USD to get a towel, locker and snorkeling gear).



Throughout the cruise the pirates provide an exciting account of the history of Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and the famous pirates Capitan Hook, Jack Sparrow and Mundaka. And while the host pirate Capitan Hook is entertaining the group with tales and illustrations of past pirates escapades, unbeknown to him another pirate ship is slowly approaching from the rear. Cloaked in total darkness, the sister ship the Black Pearl, silently glides the water pulling alongside El Bucanero II, suddenly Capitan Hook discovers the ship and shouts for his men to take positions. The cannons are ready for attack. Pirates armed with swords and pistols, jump from the masts landing on the deck where a sword fight ensues between our crew with light effects.

KIDS FREE Applies 1 per adult.

Recommendations: Casual Dress, Comfortable shoes or sandals, camera, and extra money. You will need to pay 12 USD per person for dock fee.(ages 2 years and up pay dock fee) If you are staying at Riviera Maya´s hotel you need to pay a fee for round trip transportation. If you are staying at Cancun´s Hotel you need to get to the pier on your own.



Previously known as "Pool Tunich". This mysterious and enigmatic place offers a spectacular natural show with its thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. These formations are testimony of the millions of years that have passed for these caves and rivers to be as they are now. Considered as the largest non-submerged cave of the Yucatan Peninsula, it has semi-submerged areas which allow exploration without any specialized training. This voyage inside the "Crystal Cave" is an experience that you can´t miss.

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, swimming suit, and extra money.



Kick a start to your adventure at Xplor All Inclusive at the heart of a natural site where you will witness impressive ancient rock formations amongst other memorable activities.

Enjoy yourself through activities using the most modern and safest equipment.

Drive 10 km in our amphibious vehicles on and below the earth, navigate on board of our Rafts on circuits stretching 570 and 530 meters over crystal water, get a bird's eye view over a jungle thanks to the 14 highest Zip-lines found in all Riviera Maya and swim a trail of 400 m inside ancient caves

Recommendations: Wear water shoes, comfortable beachwear and swimming suit and to bring a change of clothes.

Sunscreen must be free of chemicals to be used in the Park. If it contains any of the following ingredients, it shall not be used within the Park: Benzophenone, Etilhexila, Homosalate, Octyl methoxycinnamate, Octyl salicylate, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane. Help us protect the beauty of Cancun and Riviera Maya



This magical place with an ambiance of party, music and tradition captures the imagination of everyone who visits by conjuring up memories of Mexico in its golden age.

Decorated with motifs from the 32 States of Mexico, the famous trajineras, that were once used for transporting flowers, fruits and vegetables grown in floating gardens, have become a means of transportation and a cause of joy for all those who come to Xoximilco searching for a unique moment they can only experience here in Cancun, in a modern version of the legendary cruise through the canals, with the colors and the charm of those magical moments we hold dear.

Recommendations: Bring comfortable and casual clothes

Book in advance to ensure your admission

Bring cash, so you can go back home with a souvenir.



The inspiration behind the Cirque Du Soleil teather at Vidanta Riviera Maya, comes primarily from the natural beauty of México and its wealth of art and cultures, clevely incorporated in the design, orchestrated so to have you live the unforgettable experience that is JOYA.

Recommendations: DO dress up and DO NOT forget your camera! There is no such thing as over-dressing for this event. It makes for a memorable, glamorous night out and is perfect for celebrating special occasions.



Merida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan, is over 450 years old, and always worth visiting. Located in the south-east of Mexico, it is a delightful combination of Spanish and indigenous heritage, along with some traces of Caribbean cultures. This mixture, in this setting, provides the perfect urban example of a province with its own character and identify, firmly rooted in the heartland of one of the most important Pre-Hispanic cultures of Pre-Colombian America: the enduring Maya. In your day trip to Merida do not forget to visit: Merida´s Cathedral of St. Idelfonso considered to be the oldest on the American mainland, and it was the first to be completed in Mexico during the 16th century.

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes, hat or cap, tennis shoes, camera, sun block, sun glasses, insect repellent and extra money.



Holbox is a tourist destination, especially for lovers of nature, adventure and, above all, relaxation. This is due to its lush, paradisical beauty; pearl white beaches; its rich diversity of flora and fauna and the friendliness of its people. A walk around the island is always refreshing, enjoying the Caribbean environment with its colorful houses.

Recommendations: Bring comfortable clothes, shoes, bathing suit, towel, hat or cap, sunscreen, insect repelent



Valladolid became part of the ("Magical Villages Programme") which is an initiative led by the Mexican tourism department to display influential towns in Mexico based on their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance to the country. Valladolid is a great city to spend the day exploring the history and culture the Yucatan peninsula has to offer. From colonial era churches and architecture to natural wonders like cenotes.

Recommendations: Bring confortable shoes and clothes if you want to make a splash in a cenote bring your bathing suit and towel. Most of the places near Valladolid do not accept usd dollars so please bring mexican pesos



There are no larger tourist complexes in Bacalar, but there are rustic cabins where you can breathe in the cheerful Caribbean atmosphere. Eco friendly bungalows stand on the banks of the lagoon, which offer the perfect space for those travelling with romancein mind and anybody wanting to relax in a Paradise like setting.

Recommendations: Don't forget to bring sunblock and mosquito repellent. You"ll need them



Chetumal is a city divided between the ocean and the jungle, where the colors contrast and combine with the Caribbean exuberance. The city is much more than a pretty landscape: it is a tourist resort where you will be able to participate in almost every activity you can imagine, from nature walks, water sports, swimming, snorkeling, sports fishing and diving; to enjoying its delicious cuisine and admiring a city full of history and folklore. Chetumal is located right at the end of the coast of the Mexican Caribbean, in the beautiful state of Quintana Roo. This corner of the Yucatan Peninsula is called the "cradle of the mingling of races" because it was here where the Mayan princess Zazil Ha married the Spanish shipwrecked sailor with whom she bred the first generation of mixed blood Mexicans.

Recommendations: Bring comfortable shoes and clothes, hat or cap, sunscreen and insect repelent.

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